Plan Definition – Dependent means

  • An eligible Employee’s spouse (this does not include a former spouse who is legally separated (as applicable) or divorced from the Employee):
  • An Employee’s natural born child, as well as a child who is legally adopted or placed for adoption, a step-child, or a child within the Employee’s legal custody, provided the child has not reached the age of 26.


Employee may elect to enroll eligible Dependents for dental and vision benefits.

If you enroll Dependents prior to your eligibility date for Fund benefits, their eligibility date for dental and vision benefits will be the same date as your eligibility date.

If you choose to enroll your dependents at a date later than your own eligibility date for dental and vision benefits, Dependents will be considered Late Dependent Enrollees and subject to an additional 12-month waiting period before the Dependent is covered for Type II, III and IV Dental Benefits.  Dependents under the age of 3 will not be a Late Dependent Enrollee.

To enroll in dependent coverage for dental and vision benefits, the Employee must

Drop or Change Dependent Coverage

  • If your payroll deduction for premiums for JFTHW Dental and Vision Benefits is pre-taxed, you will not be able to drop the coverage until you complete a Revocation Form during JPPSS Open Enrollment. This coverage would drop effective January 1.
  • If you have a qualifying event that would allow you to drop your coverage prior to the first of the year, you must complete a Revocation Form within 30 days of the qualifying event.