The Fund offers a Traditional Fee-for-Service Plan for full-time Bargaining Unit Employees.

With this Plan, you may schedule a dental appointment with any dentist.

JFTHW does not issue dental insurance cards.   Your dentist may contact the Fund office to verify your eligibility.

The Fund recommends a pre-treatment estimate for extensive dental work.

  • Any major dental services, such as, periodontal surgery, crown, bridge, inlay/onlay or implant are subject to review.
  • The pre-treatment estimate will give you an approximate amount covered by the Plan and the estimated out-of-pocket expenses you may incur.

The Dental Benefits Overview for JFTHW Fund Dental Plan gives a brief description of dental procedures, provides information about our schedule of dental benefits, lists limitations on certain procedures and information for orthodontic services.

Dental Benefits


Reimbursement Percentage of Dentist’s Actual Fee or, if less, the Plan’s Scheduled Fee.
Calendar Year Deductible, Per Person(Applicable to Type I, II and III Charges) $50
Type I       Preventive and Diagnostic Charges 100%
Type II      Basic Charges 80%
Type III     Special Charges 50%
Type  IV    Orthodontia Charges 50%
Maximum Dental Benefits, Per Calendar Year Per Participant(Applicable to Type I, II and III Charges) $1,500
Maximum Lifetime Orthodontia Charges (Type IV) $1,000

Please refer to the JFT Health and Welfare Plan’s Summary Plan Description (SPD) for additional information.